Wait...Aren't All Members the Same?

Take your top 10 ideal members... you know - the ones that value what you do, pay for extra services, pay on time, are fun to be around, like being coached, and actually see measurable improvements in their fitness.

What if you could start attracting more members just like them?

Now look at your "less than ideal" members. The ones that always want more but don't want to pay for it. The ones that don't listen and cause drama in the gym.

Why spend time and effort getting less than perfect members?

Our 4-Step Path to Success


Who you are as a gym, and how you want to positively impact the lives of your perfect members.


A custom designed website you’re proud of that’s fully responsive, seo friendly, and easy to maintain.


Our proven 3-step sales funnel that leads prospects down an intuitive path to scheduling a free intro.


With ongoing support, and help building trust and credibility that is needed to amplify your impact.

Trusted by Gym Owners Like You

Jon Groves

Owner, Raw Grit Fitness

"Powered by Awesome has been great to work with!

They helped us define what we actually stood for as a gym, as well as a set of core values that has helped keep us accountable to our mission. We now have a clear message that's authentic to us and helps us attract the kind of members that we actually want. Their marketing advice even helped us with a 6 week challenge that brought in over 300 leads! We couldn't even take in all the business."

Adam Sturm

Owner, CrossFit Outbreak

"Powered by Awesome is amazing!

We have 3 locations, we are about to open our fourth w/600+ athletes. We opened 2.5 yrs ago and Powered by Awesome has been an instrumental part of our success. They've not only killed it with our website but have also offered invaluable marketing advice. Their designs are gorgeous and they know how to build a site that is a lean mean marketing machine."

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The Best Way to Attract More Perfect Members is to let them know how you'll change their life.

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