Support & Hosting

How do I get Support?

Email Us –

You don’t have to email anyone else or do anything else.

What Is Support?

Support is personal training for your website. We realize you’re busy running a gym, and we’re here to help answer any questions, fix any problems, or help you research solutions. Here are some common uses of support:

  • research/fix problems or issues
  • add/edit/remove website content
  • make small design/functionality changes
  • fixing plugin issues that may have arisen
  • adding/configuring plugins

For the most part, if it involves logging in to your website dashboard to help, then we do consider it support.

Free Support for 3 Months!

Starting July 2015

We start support the same time we give you access to the website, or more specifically, from the date of the email notification we send. We want you to feel comfortable using your website, so during these 3 months, we encourage you to use support any time you need help – it’s on us!

Unfortunately, there are some exceptions that aren’t included in Free Support:

  • design changes
  • development changes
  • new plugin additions/configuring

How Is Support Billed?

Support is billed by the quarter hour (every 15 minutes), with a 15m minimum. Our rate is currently $85/hr (although subject to change). We aren’t sticklers on this (there are times we see a question so simple we can’t justify charging you), and want to continue giving exceptions when we can afford it!

Support invoices are sent out every couple months, and the invoices will itemize the support tickets. If we get lucky and our billing system evolves, we are hoping to migrate towards an automated system where support tickets are billed to the card we have on file at the end of each month (alongside your hosting).

How to I Maximize Support Time?

If you want to work at max efficiency, here are a couple tips to keep costs down, and make turnarounds faster:

  • Clear your cache, refresh your browser, or even try a different browser… sometimes the built-in website cache can play weird tricks on you
  • If you see an error, tell us what you were doing when it happened, and screenshots always help!
  • Sometimes it’s easier to tell us what you’re trying to accomplish, than telling us you need something done

How is Hosting Handled?

Hosting also starts today! However, we don’t start new hosting invoices until the 5th of the month… so you will most likely get some free hosting between now and the 5th of the next month. Hosting includes: nightly backups, keeping WordPress up-to-date, and making sure your site is online at all times!

How is Hosting Handled?

Hosting is billed on the 5th of every month. To avoid disruptions in service, we do recommend you keep an active card on file when paying your first invoice (it will give you the ability to set recurring payments).