The 6-Step Sales Formula: How to Use Science to Sell Gym Memberships

Imagine having a scientific method you could use to lead people down a sales path, turning visitors into members along the way. Now stop imagining… because that actually exists, and i’m going to walk you through those steps below. This methodology is based on on a book called The Science of Selling by David Hoffield, […]

What 100 Dates in 1 Year Taught me About Business

In the words of the infamous Ice T, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Let me set the stage for you a little… I was recently divorced (after being married right out of college) and in San Diego, which I’m fairly certain is the land of milk and honey. It’s a beautiful place with […]

Need a New Gym Website? 8 Factors to Help You Hire

There are thousands of people visiting your website every month. Many of these are your members, but a significant number of these are prospects… looking for a service just like yours. 1. Do you like their design style? Any designer worth their salt has a portfolio. As you look through it you’ll get a really […]

Marketing Tip #015 – Make sure you own domains with your name switched around

CrossFit Website Design & Marketing Tips

As an affiliate, you have a name and it most likely has the word CrossFit in it.  We’ll use a recent client as an example here – CrossFit Dana Point. They has chosen to put the word “CrossFit” at the beginning of their name instead of the end. (They could have just as easily been Dana Point CrossFit).  I’m not […]

Marketing Tip #009 – Use Google Maps to embed your location on your website

CrossFit Website Design & Marketing Tips

Go to Google Maps, and enter your address in the search bar. You’ll be taken to your location in Google maps.  You may want to zoom out (using the controls in the bottom-right corner) so that more familiar roads/intersections are visible in the window.  Then click on the cog icon in the bottom right to […]

Marketing Tip #008 – Setup and monitor Google Analytics

CrossFit Website Design & Marketing Tips

This is going to be one of the lighter posts.  Sometimes it’s easy to think that your website isn’t performing poorly because you think that the lack of performance means that you just aren’t getting very many visitors to your site.  While that level of ignorance can be quite blissful, it’s not reality.  Your website […]

Marketing Tip #007 – Optimize your homepage to increase conversions

CrossFit Website Design & Marketing Tips

You’d be surprised how many affiliates don’t see the value in conversions.  When I talk to them I find out how many of their Free Intro leads they’re able to get to signup for membership, and they almost always tell me in the 75-80% range… but they have no tracking in place to back this […]