The 6-Step Sales Formula: How to Use Science to Sell Gym Memberships

Imagine having a scientific method you could use to lead people down a sales path, turning visitors into members along the way. Now stop imagining… because that actually exists, and i’m going to walk you through those steps below. This methodology is based on on a book called The Science of Selling by David Hoffield, […]

What 100 Dates in 1 Year Taught me About Business

In the words of the infamous Ice T, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Let me set the stage for you a little… I was recently divorced (after being married right out of college) and in San Diego, which I’m fairly certain is the land of milk and honey. It’s a beautiful place with […]

Need a New Gym Website? 8 Factors to Help You Hire

There are thousands of people visiting your website every month. Many of these are your members, but a significant number of these are prospects… looking for a service just like yours. 1. Do you like their design style? Any designer worth their salt has a portfolio. As you look through it you’ll get a really […]

Marketing Tip #011 – Plan your marketing weeks or months in advance

CrossFit Website Design & Marketing Tips

There are a select few people who are just naturally gifted at running off the cuff with their marketing.  The rest of us have to work at it, and we have to work hard.  Planning your media in advance is one way to help leverage the time you do have by accomplishing more of your […]

Marketing Tip #010 – Ask your clients for testimonials

CrossFit Website Design & Marketing Tips

Testimonials are such a great marketing tool. They allow prospects the ability to identify and be re-assured from someone that has no skin in the game. Most affiliates have a really hard time getting testimonials, and it’s not because their clients aren’t satisfied, its because they never ask for the testimonial, or they ask for […]

Marketing Tip #002 – Track New Member Signups Weekly & Monthly

CrossFit Website Design & Marketing Tips

This should be common sense by now, but the key to measuring success and failure starts with knowing where you’re at in relation to where you’ve been. New member signups are a quantifiable part of running your business – they are the initial purchase of what is hopefully a long-term business relationship with your member.  Tracking these initial purchases […]