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What can you expect from this call?

  • Share your story.

    You started this business for a reason.  You had a desire to help others, and we want to know more about it.  Your story, and the way you desire to help others matter A LOT.

  • Share your frustrations.

    Is your gym growing the way you expected? Are your members allowing you to help them the way you want? (or does it feel like a struggle?) Do you have problems getting members to signup for new programs?  Do you feel like some of your coaches just don’t care?

  • Share your successes.

    What are you doing that is working?  What are you doing that gives you joy?

  • Share your metrics.

    How is your gym doing?  How many website leads are you getting monthly?  How many new members are you getting monthly?

We’ll help you learn how to tell your story better, authentically engage with your prospects and members, and how to use your metrics to increase your monthly leads.

The website is the technology “icing” on the marketing “cake”.  It’s important, but it’s only as good as your authentic message.