Our Websites Perform – Or You Don’t Pay!

You read that correctly.  We’ve spent the past couple years perfecting our approach to designing and building effective affiliate websites, and our clients have seen so much success – we’re guaranteeing results!

First of all, this offer is only valid to gyms that have been in business for more than 6 months and have roughly 50 members.  (New affiliate? Less than 50 members?  Keep reading… we’ll get to you!)

So How Does This Work?

  • We require 20% down up-front. We’re not asking you to empty your piggy banks, but we do believe that some payment/skin in the game shows value and is more likely to help you focus with us on creating something that really reflects you and your business.
  • We get a lead count for each of the previous 3 months.  We need to establish a baseline, and 3 months generally gives us some good data to work with.  Leads that don’t count – Groupon or other deals like that.
  • We work with you to build an awesome new website. Your website is custom designed and built with your unique gym in mind, because what works for one gym won’t necessarily work for yours (even if you really want it to).
  • We launch your awesome new website. The process should take 4-6 weeks, and you’ll get FREE training on how to use it.
  • We monitor your website for the following 3 full months. We gauge “success” in performance by one of the following metrics:
    • a 50% increase in leads the 1st month
    • a 20% increase in leads the 2nd or 3rd month
  • We setup a payment plan on the remaining 80% after we see success.  The final payment will be split into 4 equal monthly payments.  That’s right… we’re practically letting the website pay for itself.
  • We also run a highly targeted Google AdWord campaign for 1 month (after we see success).  Free leads for you!  We wait until after we know the website works, because there’s no point paying to send traffic to a website that can’t convert. (And we don’t want to compromise the value of our offer).

Why Can We Do This?

  • We have 8 years experience in the CrossFit industry, working with hundreds of new and established affiliates.
  • We have prior experience working in Direct Marketing and E-commerce.  We’ve seen how subtle changes can have dramatic impact in responses.
  • We’re constantly learning – marketing, business, psychology, leadership – and applying what we learn
  • We’re seeing dramatic results!  Most of our clients have seen a constant +50% increase in leads, and a few that have seen +100% and even +200% improvement.

You do the math…

At the very least – for each EXTRA member per month we help bring in (by having a targeted website), that’s an extra 78 payments per year.  If you look at this like an investment, we’re practically guaranteeing at least a 200% ROI.

If we can help you bring 2 extra members per month – that’s 156 extra payments,  and 3 extra members per month – that’s 234 extra payments.

If this doesn’t excite you even a little… we might not be the right company to work with!

We believe that correctly strategizing and aiming generally leads to better results (and our results prove it).  We believe that the more people you can help, the more successful you’ll be.  And we believe that regardless of whether you’re doing this for the love of it, or for the money, that getting more qualified people in the door is the ultimate goal.



What about new or small gyms?

Sorry guys, there just isn’t enough good data for this offer to be useful to you.  New affiliates always have a membership spike in their first 3-4 months (which means we’d be comparing results against false data).  Small affiliates generally get blown out of the water with results… but have a hard time with the initial justification because if you’re only getting 1-2 leads per month, a 50% improvement is barely 1 extra lead per month, and hardly definitive of success.

So for you guys, we just offer our services in 5 monthly payments.  You’ll get the same love and care as everyone else, and your website will still be targeted for lead acquisition.