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EQ CrossFit - Powered by Awesome - CrossFit Website Design

I looked at the few major website developers for CrossFit for CrossFit affiliates and Powered by Awesome stood out to me for a few reasons.  1) They had the best follow up.  2) Pricing. I looked at their portfolio and for the quality of work I saw the price was more than fair. Also, having a payment plan made it way easier to fit into the budget. 3) They have some sweet looking websites. I built my first website by myself. Sometimes you have to do that but I swear mine didn’t look 30% as good as what I have now.

I’m going to be ultra honest here. I was a crappy client. They made everything super easy for me by giving me clear action steps and a solid timeline. I being a one man show was overwhelmed running my gym and took way too much time getting back to them. However, even though I dropped the ball repeatedly they kept in touch and kept making progress despite my flakiness. When it was all said and done turn around was still fast and the site came out better than I expected.

The website looks way better than I expected. I had a hunch Powered by Awesome was going to do a good job but in my opinion they crushed it.