Finding a Bakersfield CrossFit Affiliate

Thanks for your interest!  There was a lot more about the Bakersfield affiliate market that I wanted to put in the email (and about your specific affiliate), but I wanted to save those things for our conversation.

If you’ve been wanting a new, beautiful, responsive website that helps attract more members, but you haven’t been able to justify the cost – then you’ll probably love this more than I do!

What Is the Offer?

50% OFF the cost of the website

If it doesn’t increase your leads by 25%

So How Does This Work?

  • We split the full cost of the website into 4 monthly payments
  • You’re initially only responsible for the first 2 payments
  • We launch your website
  • We assess the number of leads/month (each month) for 3 months
  • If leads increase 25% or more –
    • we bill you for the final 2 monthly payments
    • you write us a raving testimonial and let us know how the increase will affect your revenue over the course of a year
  • If leads don’t increase by 25% –
    • you keep the website
    • we delete the final 2 monthly payments

The Risk is Only On Us!

We do have a few caveats that we will require to move forward, as we don’t want to risk taking a loss on a website that goes against our own best practices. Here are a few:

  • We need the exact number of leads and new members, itemized for the past 3 months
  • The planning phase has to take less than 1 month (most affiliates only need 1 week)
  • You have to have a free intro session of some sort
  • You have to have to direct people to a form on the site (creating a sales funnel) that we have access to viewing entries on

How Do You Get Started?

Just fill out the form below to schedule a call where we can answer any questions you may have, and hopefully get moving on a new website that will help you grow your business!

The first Bakersfield affiliate that moves forward gets 20% off.

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