WODIFY Post WOD to WordPress

These are some basic instructions on how to setup WODIFY to automatically post the WOD’s to your WordPress blog.

Note: WODIFY will post these to the default blog category on your WordPress website.  So if your default category ISN’T where you want your WODs posted, then you’ll need to update the default blog category within your WordPress site.


Step #1:

  • Click on the “Setup” menu item in the top menu

Step #2:

  • Click on the “Web Integration” menu item in the left-hand sub-menu



Step #3:

  • Make sure the slider “Enable WordPress Integration” is turned “ON” and green

Step #4:

  • Enter your domain in the “RPC URL” field
  • It should be “http://<<YOURDOMAIN.COM>>/xmlrpc.php”

Step #5:

  • Put in your website username in the “WordPress Username” field
  • You can use your own website login, or you can create a website login just for WODIFY and use those credentials

Step #6:

  • Put in your website password in the “WordPress Password” field
  • Make sure you use the correct password!

Step #7:

  • Click the “Save WordPress Settings” button
  • Voila, you’re done.