WODIFY Membership Plan Links

Due to the way WODIFY is setup, WODIFY Membership Plan links CANNOT be copied from the URL bar when you’re in the Online Portal.  Instead, you’ll need to retrieve these links from within the WODIFY dashboard.  Follow the steps below to get those links.



Step #1:

  • Click on the “Financial” menu item in the top menu

Step #2:

  • Click on the “Online Membership Sales” menu item in the left-hand sub-menu
  • Make sure the slider next to the “Online Membership Sales” page title is turned “ON” and green

Step #3:

  • Click on the “Edit” button next to the Plan that you want to get a link for
  • Make sure the checkbox next to that plan is checked



Step #4:

  • Click the red link icon to the right of the payment plan you want the link for
  • Make sure the checkbox to the left of that item is checked



Step #5:

  • After clicking the red link icon, it will turn green and flash a green “Link Copied!” message
  • The link has been copied to your clipboard.  You can paste it to the document/email where you need it to be.