Hiring: Relationship Manager

Powered by Awesome is looking for a new team member!  

Our Relationship Manager will help assist with client communication, project organization and management, schedule management, and be able to research and learn new online technologies (Google Sheets/Docs/etc, Social Media, communication software, etc).  We want someone who loves people, fitness, and wants to be a part of a company that is built on helping people change their lives.

This job will start off as a part-time contract (1099) position, but could easily evolve into something more as the company continues to grow.  

Job Details:

  • Starting at $12/hr
  • Starting at 20hrs/week
  • Flexible work schedule

Required Skills:

  • Ability to learn and understand online technology to assist customers with self-service needs.
  • Desire to exceed goals in a customer-centric, results-driven environment.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to engage others in dialogue, and a desire to add value to the lives of others.
  • Demonstrates the ability to collaborate with others to achieve shared goals.
  • Demonstrates initiative, a commitment to continuous learning, and the ability to adapt to changing demands and requirements.
  • Applies strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills to meet customers needs.
  • Strong organizational skills, the ability to multi-task, manage multiple responsibilities, and prioritize while delivering results.
  • Strong communication skills, including verbal and written word.

To Apply:

Just fill out the survey below.

  • Copy and paste the list of skills above, and after each item please write why you believe you exhibit that skill. Good grammar is a must.
  • Tell us why you enjoyed it and what you learned from it.
  • Tell us why you workout, and what fitness does for you.