Case Study

  • How Has Your New Website Impacted Your Business?

    We want to hear everything, and we want you to be specific! We'll be using this content for promotional and improvement purposes, so don't be afraid to elaborate. 🙂
  • Now that you've had time to live with your website, are you still happy with it? Are prospects and members saying anything about the new site (if so, what is it)?
  • Have you noticed an increase in the number of leads (and members) since the launch of the new website? If so, how many extra leads or members per month MORE are you getting?
  • Do you think the new website will help you increase your revenue? If so, what do you think that increase will look like over the course of 1 year?
  • Has the new website saved you any time, or streamlined anything? Tell us about it.
  • What would you tell someone about us - the value that we provide? or the impact the website has had on your business? or the quality of our work? or how easy it is to deal with us?
  • If you HAD to name 1 thing that the website could do a better job at, what would it be and what is the impact you think you'd see from that change?
  • I understand that these responses will be used by Powered by Awesome for marketing, promotional and to improve the quality of our services.