Timeline & Expectations

The process for creating a new website can be a bit confusing.  We’ll try to break it down for you so that you know what to expect from the process.


Project Timeline:

There are four phases to this process as explained below:

  • PHASE 1: Planning Phase (About one week if assets are readily available)

    We will be in (what feels like) constant contact during this phase.   We will be gathering content, photos and logos for your site and having you fill out questionnaires.  The faster you can send us these things, the quicker this phase will go and ultimately the rest of the process.  We will also be setting up a phone conference between us to talk about the scope/direction of your site.  This phase is complete once we receive approval from you on the wireframe and all of the assets have been delivered.

  • PHASE 2: Design Phase (One Week)

    Once you give approval on the wireframe, our designer will take the elements you spoke about in your design/scope meeting, your photos, your logo and with the wireframe, design your website.  This image will be sent to you for your approval.

  • PHASE 3: Build Phase (One Week)

    Once you approve the design, we will build out the actual design into a fully responsive site.  We will load all the content you provided us in the Content Request form.

  • PHASE 4: Launch Phase (One Week)

    At the beginning of this phase you will be given access to the site to look around and send us any tweaks.  Please send these tweaks to support@sitesasrx.com.  Once everything is to your liking, we will schedule a launch date. Your first hosting will be sent once you are given access to your site.  The hosting invoice will generate at the first of every month so, the first invoice will be adjusted according to the date your site reached the launch phase.

If things go smoothly, you can have your new site up and running in as little as a month!


Deliverables (and Expectations):

(What we need from you):

  • Questionnaires:

    We will send you a link to two questionnaires that will provide us with much needed information to get your website project up and running.  Please return these as promptly and as completely as possible.

  • Wireframe approval:

    After your design and scope meeting with Kyle, he will create a wireframe for your homepage.  The wireframe is ONLY meant to show the type and location of information displayed on the page. We will need your approval on the wireframe(s) before proceeding to the Design Phase.
  • High Resolution (vector) version of your Logo:

    For new gyms, that do not have a logo, we have worked very closely with the designers at Life AsRx and highly recommend contacting Chase (chase.novelich@asrx.com) for your logo needs.  For established gyms, Life AsRx is also the go to if you are in need of a vector version of your logo.

  • Photos:

    These photos will represent your gym online.  They are extremely important.  You will want these photos to be of the highest quality possible and preferably taken by a professional. We will need 6-10 photos that are horizontally oriented and 1140px wide or larger (no less than 800px).  These should be pictures of:

    • Your Athletes, performing traditional CrossFit movements.
    • Your Facility, showcasing your unique space.
    • Your Community, athletes supporting one another, fun events, etc.
    • Profile photos for each trainer. Again, these photos should be horizontally oriented, and would ideally be consistently themed.

    We understand that most gyms will not have immediate access to a professional photographer.  We have high quality, professional stock photos available to use.  These photos can be used as place holders until you are able to produce your own photos and we will happily swap them out.  Our goal is to get your website up and running, as quickly as possible, while looking the best it can.  If you are unable to produce high quality photos within 5 business days of approving the wireframe, we will use stock photos as a default (our stock photos are pretty badass).

  • Content:

    We will need you to provide some content for your site.  A document will be created after we receive wireframe approval and sent to you via Google Docs requesting the following information from you.

    • Trainer Bios and Credentials
    • About us – What is your gym’s mission statement?  Why should I choose your gym?  What makes you stand out?
    • Getting Started – How do I get started at your gym?  Is there an Intro Class? On Ramp?  Where can I purchase a membership?

    We will need this information before we can start the build out process.  If you can not produce this content within 5 business days of receiving the google doc, we will use very vague default content to help you get by until you have a chance to update it.  Like the photos, we will be more than happy to replace the default copy once you have written it but, we do not want this to impede the creation of your site.

  • Design Approval:

    Our designer will create a .jpg mockup of what your site will look like.  This will be sent to you for your approval.  Make sure to give us any and all critiques as it is easier to tweak things at this point in the process rather than later on.  We can not start the build out process until we receive approval on the design.

  • Site Approval:

    Lastly, once all the content has been loaded and the site had been built, you will be given access to wordpress.  You will be able to review all content that has been loaded and make sure the site is accurate and meets your approval.  Once you’ve had an opportunity to look around and approve the site, we will schedule a launch date and your site will go live.


Costs to Expect:

After the initial payment for the site there will be a few recurring costs over the life of your site.

  • Monthly Hosting fee:

    There are two different options for Hosting, Network hosting ($20/month) or Standalone hosting ($35).  This is a monthly fee that will keep your site on the server.   If you would like more information about which hosting platform will fit your needs, it will be covered in the design scope meeting or I can send you a more detailed description.

  • [OPTIONAL] Domain-based email: (email@yourdomain.com)

    We will setup an account at Google on behalf of you, get everything connected, and then give you access. However, please be aware that although we set this up as a courtesy, Google will charge you a nominal monthly fee per email account it sets up (currently $5/email). It is your responsibility to setup and maintain billing with Google (instructions will be provided).
  • [OPTIONAL] Ongoing support:

    Support available at an additional cost (currently $85/hr, billed in 15 min increments). While there is no obligation to use this service, those on the “network hosting” will need to utilize this to make any theme changes since theme access is not provided.