Marketing Tips

The Myth of Ad Success: How Much Can You Actually Spend on Ads to Get a New Member?

We’ve all heard the crazy success stories… a $50 ad spend that generates $15k in revenue, a $300 ad spend that brings in $40k in revenue… These numbers are meant to impress you, but keep in mind that most of the success stories you hear about are actually using potential revenue based off the Lifetime… Read more »

CrossFit Website Design & Marketing Tips

Marketing Tip #015 – Make sure you own domains with your name switched around

As an affiliate, you have a name and it most likely has the word CrossFit in it.  We’ll use a recent client as an example here – CrossFit Dana Point. They has chosen to put the word “CrossFit” at the beginning of their name instead of the end. (They could have just as easily been Dana Point CrossFit).  I’m not… Read more »