Search Engine Mastery

Know Your Important Search Keywords & Use Them

We generally use a fairly simplistic formula to determine a business’s primary keywords. And for the sake of this example, we’ll assume your business has a brick-and-mortar location where the product/services are being rendered. We’ll take the 2 lists: Your geographic locations Your products & services And we’ll order the lists from specific to generic… Read more »

Use Content Formatting to Show Relevancy

The best way to waste your time creating content, is to leave it unformatted. So let me introduce you to a few of my formatting friends. Bold Italics Unordered Lists (like this list) Ordered Lists (when things need an order to them) Headers (h1, h2, h3, h4) When a user sees any more than 2… Read more »

Leverage Your Social Media Profiles for Greater Impact

Your social media platforms are fantastic places for communication with clients and prospects, but they’re also very underused as distribution channels for your website. Let’s face it, many people have a preference in their social media. Personally, I’m a fan of Instagram. I post photos of fitness, books, and beer. (so if you appreciate olympic… Read more »

How Automating Twitter Can Help Your SEO

This is going to be one of the easiest things you’ve done in a while to help your SEO… at least if you’re using WordPress. You’re Welcome. I know, I know… Keeping up with Facebook and Instagram are already hard enough, and NONE of your members are on Twitter. (that statement may not be fully… Read more »

Claim Your Business on Google Maps

I’m a firm believer that if you work with Google frequently, it’s like being friends, and I’m sure that Google shows preferences for friends. For real though, Google assumes that businesses that manage their online presences are more legitimate businesses, and since Google has their own business platform – you’ll want to make sure you… Read more »

Let’s Get Fresh with Google (A Case for Content Marketing)

Every day (or couple days) the Googlebot comes and checks out your website. It has an unquenchable thirst for discovering content, and it’s always on the lookout for tasty new content. Why does it like new content? Because people tend to view websites with new content as reputable sources. Do you want to be a… Read more »

Take Charge of Google with Sitemaps

Google Sitemaps is like a really good Instagram filter for your website… except maybe better. Once your website is live, Google will want to crawl it and index it and put it in the search results for what it thinks is relevant. Depending on the popularity and traffic of your website, Google may only check… Read more »