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Take Charge of Google with Sitemaps

Google Sitemaps is like a really good Instagram filter for your website… except maybe better. Once your website is live, Google will want to crawl it and index it and put it in the search results for what it thinks is relevant. Depending on the popularity and traffic of your website, Google may only check… Read more »

Creating the Ultimate Google Search Result

You made it to the first page of Google’s search results for a particular desired keyword. Congrats! You’re no longer invisible, and you can now start contending for clicks along with the 9 other listings. How can you increase your CTR (click-through-ratio)? Make it into the top 3 search resultsWhy? Searchers are inherently lazy… and… Read more »

The Case for Automating Your Free Intro Class Signup

The Free Intro Class… a long held tradition of CrossFit affiliates everywhere is exactly the dose that new prospects need to see how easy and fun this training methodology can be. If you can get someone into your Free Intro, there’s roughly an 80% chance they’ll end up joining (for all you US affiliates… if… Read more »