The 6-Step Sales Formula: How to Use Science to Sell Gym Memberships

Imagine having a scientific method you could use to lead people down a sales path, turning visitors into members along the way. Now stop imagining… because that actually exists, and i’m going to walk you through those steps below. This methodology is based on on a book called The Science of Selling by David Hoffield, […]

How to Create a Highly Profitable Facebook Ad Campaign for Gyms

Creating a Facebook Ad campaign for your gym can be a complicated and frustrating task, and who wants to shell out THOUSANDS of dollars to a marketing agency and hope it works out? I sure don’t. I’m going to share the formula I’ve used to create high-value Facebook Ad campaigns for gyms. This isn’t your […]

What 100 Dates in 1 Year Taught me About Business

In the words of the infamous Ice T, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Let me set the stage for you a little… I was recently divorced (after being married right out of college) and in San Diego, which I’m fairly certain is the land of milk and honey. It’s a beautiful place with […]

Need a New Gym Website? 8 Factors to Help You Hire

There are thousands of people visiting your website every month. Many of these are your members, but a significant number of these are prospects… looking for a service just like yours. 1. Do you like their design style? Any designer worth their salt has a portfolio. As you look through it you’ll get a really […]

A Step-by-Step Formula for Generating Powerful Testimonials

Not all testimonials are created equal. Testimonials are a vital piece of any business’s marketing strategy. They are the social proof that helps you build trust with your prospective customer. I’m sure you’ve perused through your competitors (or your own) Facebook reviews section. You’re likely to find things like “…best place to get my sweat […]

The Case for Automating Your Free Intro Class Signup

The Free Intro Class… a long held tradition of CrossFit affiliates everywhere is exactly the dose that new prospects need to see how easy and fun this training methodology can be. If you can get someone into your Free Intro, there’s roughly an 80% chance they’ll end up joining (for all you US affiliates… if […]

CrossFit OC3

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