Why Our Approach Works

Your website is your primary marketing funnel…working for you (or against you), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your website is already being visited by dozens, if not hundreds of qualified prospects every month…many of these are new each month.  When a prospect visits your site, it wasn’t by accident.  They were already in the market for your service, and they were looking to you to help give them what they are looking for.

Each of these prospects have 3 options:

  • Contact you to get started
  • Contact another CrossFit gym to get started
  • Stay at home and do nothing

Why aren’t all these qualified prospects contacting you?

There are MANY reasons, and none of them have anything to do with the quality of your coaching (which may be fantastic!).  In fact, you have roughly 1-3 seconds to capture the attention of these prospects before they decide to do something else. So what are some of these reasons people don’t contact you? Because you have holes in your marketing funnel (your website), and those are letting qualified prospects leave before you can convert them.  Here are some of those holes:

  • They are intimidated by your competition photography
  • Your crappy photography tells them your service is crappy
  • There’s too much information on the website for them to know what to do
  • They don’t see any clear call-to-actions telling them what you want them to do
  • They have a hard time finding how to contact you
  • They are intimidated by the workouts posted on the homepage
  • The website isn’t mobile-friendly
  • They don’t understand the getting started process
  • and many, many more…

So how do our sites effectively convert more leads?

We’ve created a formula based on our experience in direct marketing, e-commerce and our continued research in consumer psychology and marketing. We couple this with our 8 years experience working with hundreds of CrossFit affiliates and have found a method to creating custom CrossFit affiliate websites that do exactly what we want them to do – convert prospects into qualified leads.

We do our best to tell your unique story, and then give people exactly what they are looking for – a clear and concise reason to contact you, along with the ability to automate as much of that getting started process as we can.