Writing for Google is so 2008 – Learn to Write for your Customers

There are still people out there that believe you have to do keyword stuffing, and create a bunch of extra random pages that appeal directly to the search engines, ANY duplicate content needs to be removed, and that you need to practically spam Google by putting your desired search terms everywhere.

That’s so 2008. Google has evolved, and so should you.

Yes, some of these tactics work, but they come at a price… usability. I’ve learned over the years that Google is actually working to help provide the most relevant web pages for each search, and the way to achieve that goal doesn’t mean you need to jump through a bunch of hoops to appeal to Google. Instead, it means that you should work on writing content that is actually relevant to why people should be visiting that page.

Once people start seeing how relevant the content is, your bounce-rate should decrease and that’s an indicator of how relevant/valuable your content is.

Write for your customers, help solve their problems, and Google will reward you.