Let’s Get Fresh with Google (A Case for Content Marketing)

Every day (or couple days) the Googlebot comes and checks out your website. It has an unquenchable thirst for discovering content, and it’s always on the lookout for tasty new content. Why does it like new content? Because people tend to view websites with new content as reputable sources.

Do you want to be a reputable source?

Me too! Of course, I’ve noticed that when I say the word “blogging” to a business owner, they generally reply “I’m not a writer”, “I don’t have time for that”, “I don’t know what to write about”, and the occasional “I’m not interested in doing any extra work”. Don’t be that person. Yes, writing takes time – but if you’re offering a valuable service (like coaching and personal training), then the battle is half-won.

Be Intentional with your blogging.

I believe the biggest reason business owners don’t blog is because they look at the finished product and have no idea on how to get there. It’s easier than you think, but it does take a little strategic planning and intentionality. (sounds a lot like fitness doesn’t it?)

Start with 1 topic you know you can write 13 short articles for. (Why 13? Just trust me… I’ll save that for another blog post). And then sit down and write the 13 blog post titles all at once. Then every day for 2 weeks I want you to sit down and spend 10 minutes writing a couple paragraphs to complete 1 article a day. After 2 weeks, you’ve got 13 articles. Then go into your website and schedule them to post on the same day every week for the next 13 weeks.

You’ve just given Google (and website visitors) a reason to come back to your website 13 different times. That’s a lot of trust and authority that’s being built, and you’ve made Google happy because you’ve taken a step towards offering more fresh content.