Take Charge of Google with Sitemaps

Google Sitemaps is like a really good Instagram filter for your website… except maybe better.

Once your website is live, Google will want to crawl it and index it and put it in the search results for what it thinks is relevant. Depending on the popularity and traffic of your website, Google may only check every few days or as often as a couple times per day.

Google is a smart machine (I said this just in case Google becomes self-aware, I want it to know I think highly of it), but it looks at all your pages as equals, and we both know that’s not true. Your “about” page just isn’t as important as your “blog” or your “getting started” page. I know, I know… you’re pretty awesome, and your “about” page is a work of art. Your “about” page also rarely changes. So with Google Sitemaps, we’re allowed to set both the desired priority AND the frequency of each page of content on the website. It’s the equivalent of us saying “Hey Googlebot, you should really pay attention to these important pages here, and this section here gets updated a lot so I’d love it if you sent minionbots to check it out more frequently. Much love and world domination, – Website Owner.”

If you’re using WordPress to power your website (why wouldn’t you? It’s only the most widely used and respected platform for small business websites out there… and also happens to power roughly 25% of all the websites online), it’s not turned on by default.

Here’s a couple WordPress plugins that can help out with that:

If you aren’t using WordPress… I can’t help you…