Creating the Ultimate Google Search Result

You made it to the first page of Google’s search results for a particular desired keyword. Congrats! You’re no longer invisible, and you can now start contending for clicks along with the 9 other listings.

How can you increase your CTR (click-through-ratio)?

  • Make it into the top 3 search resultsWhy? Searchers are inherently lazy… and we rely on Google to give us the best results first. So many searchers will go down the results and check out each option until they’ve found one that resonates. Of course, if they find what they’re looking for in the 2nd result, and you’re the 3rd result… well, you just missed out. Close, but no cigar.

    Depending on your market, and the search term you’re going for – it could take some time and intentional effort to increase your search ranking. However, it’s a novel quest that you should definitely embark on because better rankings = more clicks.

  • Use a compelling message in your search result Most people don’t realize this, but all search listings aren’t created equal. Even if you’re ranked lower than competitors, you can change what shows up in your listing so that it looks more relevant and interesting to the searcher. And since we know that Google is interested in the quality of their search results, having a compelling listing could even increase your ranking ABOVE your competitors.

    That’s blasphemy! How do I change what shows up in Google?

    By default, Google will read your page and come up with what it thinks should be shown in the search results (usually, it pulls your website title and the first words it can find on your web page). It doesn’t know what you want to be shown unless you actually tell it.

    Instead, pay attention to what you use as your website title and tagline (if you’re using WordPress, this is on your “Settings” page in the dashboard). However, you’ll ALSO want to set your meta description, as this is the text that will show up underneath the title and url in the google result.

    Use this description to talk to the searcher, and tell them why they should click!