Marketing Tip #015 – Make sure you own domains with your name switched around

CrossFit Website Design & Marketing Tips

As an affiliate, you have a name and it most likely has the word CrossFit in it.  We’ll use a recent client as an example here – CrossFit Dana Point. They has chosen to put the word “CrossFit” at the beginning of their name instead of the end. (They could have just as easily been Dana Point CrossFit).  I’m not here to say which of these naming conventions is better, but to acknowledge that it is being done both ways.  Their website URL is, which as you can see, is consistent with their actual name.  However, not everyone will remember the order of their name.

What problem does this cause?

When a prospect is trying to recall your name in an effort to go to your website, they’ll most likely enter the URL the way they remember it… which isn’t necessarily the correct way.  So if someone looking for Dana Point CrossFit enters in the search bar, it’s in CrossFit Dana Point’s best interest to actually own the domain and have it pointed towards their website!  This way, the prospect doesn’t get frustrated and leave, or lead them to think that you’ve gone out of business!