Marketing Tip #008 – Setup and monitor Google Analytics

CrossFit Website Design & Marketing Tips

This is going to be one of the lighter posts.  Sometimes it’s easy to think that your website isn’t performing poorly because you think that the lack of performance means that you just aren’t getting very many visitors to your site.  While that level of ignorance can be quite blissful, it’s not reality.  Your website is most likely being bombarded by visitors every day, and if you’re not in the top 3 results for Google, you’re not even close to the amount of traffic you could be receiving!

  1. Sign Up for Google Analytics
    This is the easy part.  Just click the link below:
    Google Analytics
  2. Install the code on your website:
    If you’re one of our clients, just submit a support ticket with the code and we’ll get it taken care of!  If you’re a WordPress user, I’d recommend installing Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugin and following their installation instructions.  That will not only install the analytics code on your website, but give you a graph in your WordPress dashboard showing you your traffic!
    Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

  3. Your done… Now start looking at your traffic!
    See?!  That was pretty easy.