Marketing Tip #007 – Optimize your homepage to increase conversions

CrossFit Website Design & Marketing Tips

You’d be surprised how many affiliates don’t see the value in conversions.  When I talk to them I find out how many of their Free Intro leads they’re able to get to signup for membership, and they almost always tell me in the 75-80% range… but they have no tracking in place to back this up.  Regardless, I tell them that our primary goal is creating a website that converts visitors into leads (aka, free intro signups), and that just doesn’t seem to excite them very much!

The point of having a website is to increase your conversions.

Even the most naive business owner would agree that it’s imperative that you have a website – they may think it’s so that people have a way to get more information about you, or to look better than their competition.  But your website should be your #1, always available salesman, and making sure your salesman is doing their job (converting people to sales) should be top priority.

Because your homepage is the main landing page of your website, it’s important that this page properly sets the tone for what visitors should be doing on the website.  Take a look at the list below.  These are the most common issues with affiliate websites.  Fix these, and you’re well on your way to optimizing your homepage.

  • Complete lack of focus
    If I were to look at your homepage, and I can’t tell within 3 seconds what I’m supposed to do, then your homepage lacks focus.  Menu’s don’t count.  You need a clear call-to-action with a clearly stated action.  “Sign Up for a Free Intro!”, “Try a Week for Free!”, “Schedule a 1-on-1 Intro” are good examples.  If you don’t tell the visitors, they won’t know.  And if they don’t know, they’ll either ask you (which takes time away from your day), or they won’t (and they’ll go elsewhere).
  • Lack of easily accessible contact info
    I’ve seen this so many times that I should list it twice!  There are 3 primary means of contacting you – in person (via your location), on the phone, or over email. Outside of that you have contact forms, social media profiles, etc.  But your top 3 are what give your business credibility, and will allow people to contact you the way they feel most comfortable.  If you don’t list your email address or phone number on your site, you will be missing out on calls and emails from people who prefer those means of communication.
  • Too much information
    If your website has the last 10 blog posts, a couple paragraphs on why someone should join or a couple paragraphs about your affiliate – you’ve just overwhelmed a lot of your visitors with a bunch of information they may not be ready for.  Affiliate homepages should be fairly simplistic and not too content heavy, because they are just landing pages meant to direct people where you want them to go in ways that support what you want them to do.  Save the “What is CrossFit” for an internal page.  Put your 3 paragraph mission statement on an internal page.  Put your blog on an internal page.  The homepage is generally a place for concepts and teasers, not full text.
  • Creating fear in their prospects
    You may be doing this and not realizing it.  If you’re posting your workout on the homepage – you’re scaring people away.  If you’re posting photos of your firebreathers – you’re scaring people away.  You’re making a correlation with the workout, with photos, and with verbiage that relates to your gym.  If you post a lot of photos of running, people will get the impression that you run a lot and don’t lift many weights.  If you post a lot of photos of shredded shirtless guys squatting with 45# plates and chains, guess what, you’re sending the impression that those are the kind of people that should go to your gym.  Most people though will think that’s not for them and go elsewhere.  If you post your workout, you’re sending the expectation that new prospects will get thrown right into that workout (because they did on your website!).  They weren’t quite ready to see the WOD, yet it’s occupying valuable real-estate on your homepage… scaring people away left and right.

If you sit back and think about how much traffic your website gets each month (even new affiliates tend to get around 1500 visitors per month), think of how many people are deciding not to contact you because of the issues above.