Marketing Tip #006 – Properly set expectations to reduce conflict

CrossFit Website Design & Marketing Tips

These marketing tips were intentionally randomized, yet I can’t think of a better follow up post to dealing with toxic members and coaches than to have a post that deals with how to avoid them altogether!  Yep, I would argue that a majority of toxic members and coaches ultimately derived from a misunderstanding of expectations between those involved.

Although reducing conflict is the topic of this blog post, don’t forget about the collateral impact that setting expectations will have in your community… because it will STRENGTHEN it!  Not too shabby right?  Reduct conflict AND strengthen community?

So How Does it Start?

First, you want to make sure everyone is on the same page.  You know what kind of community you’re trying to create, yet you have never sat down to write down what sort of expectations you have from people in your community, much less the expectations you have from yourself!  Don’t forget that you are a vital part of the community, and people expect things from you too!

I’d recommend starting with creating a Code of Conduct.  This isn’t supposed to be the “10 commandments” of the gym, but just to help show where your expectations lie.  Sometimes, these are as simplistic as people showing respect for the equipment, or if you want them to respect the start time of your classes, or open gym time.  If you don’t state it openly in the community, then people will adjust these things according to their own sense of acceptability.

Heres a few examples of what other gyms have done:

Keep in mind that these are just starting points.  You need to really think about what you expect from your members as well as helping them properly set expectations for you!  If you don’t ever state these things, your members will most likely never know.