Marketing Tip #005 – Deal with toxic coaches & members swiftly & tactfully

CrossFit Website Design & Marketing Tips

I’m going to admit straight from the start that I don’t own a gym, I never have, and although theres a certain novelty about it that I find quite appealing, I will most likely never own my own gym.  So I have no first-hand experience on how things should or shouldn’t be done.   Even in business, I’ve been lucky enough to have never had any toxic employees.

Identify the Source of the Problem

You aren’t perfect, so try to be objective when looking at the situation.  Was it because of something you said or did?  If so, man up, admit it, apologize and talk to the toxic person to see how that’s made them feel.  If you can fix this, it will go a long way in building respect.

Look at the Impact of the Problem

Sometimes even after you’ve talked with people, and tried to get back on the same page with them, you still have issues, and you see that same sentiment spreading in your community.  Just like a single rotten apple can spoil the entire bunch, so can a single toxic member or coach.  If you see that they can’t stop being toxic, then you have to move quickly to make sure they don’t start to influence other members into becoming toxic.

Deal with the Person Respectfully

Sometimes it may be glaringly obvious why this person is causing problems, but other times you may never really know why.  They could be going through a very rough time in their life.  They could have a severe misunderstanding of what expectations are.  They may just have no respect for you.  Ultimately though, they are people and deserve to be treated respectfully in a way that doesn’t condemn them, but just plainly states how they’ve done things that you find to be problematic or disruptive to the business you’re running.  Be honest AND tactful (it’s possible, I promise).  I’ve seen this method done several times, and it does work.  Usually, the toxic person ends up walking away with a new respect for you.