Marketing Tip #004 – Look into help-desk software to centralize communication

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Have you ever gotten copied on an email thread that didn’t really involve you? To say that it’s annoying is probably the understatement of the year.  But it’s necessary, right?  At some point in that email thread you had the information that was needed, you participated, and 50 emails later you still can’t get them to stop copying you on all the replies.

Or maybe you’re a forward thinker, and you’d rather make it easy on your members and prospects and only give them a single email address to use for all their needs.  You’re only problem is that now you have multiple people in the same email account, and nobody really knows what’s going on.  It’s a patchwork method thats filled with cracks… just ready to let an email fall through.

You’re a business… It’s time to act like a single entity.

With help-desk software, you specify a single email address to use.  Instead of you and your team logging into your separate email accounts, you login to the help-desk software.  With this methodology your members and prospects interact with your business… not individuals in your business.  When a new email (ticket) comes in, you just assign it to the team member that’s responsible for that.  New members get assigned to your best sales person.  Billing issues get assigned to the person in charge of your books.  Programming/Coaching questions go to the appropriate coach. Personal emails to coaches can even get re-assigned to the respective coach.

How does this actually help?

You now have control over all the communication for your business in a centralized place.  If a coach leaves, their responsibilities just get re-assigned to other team members (instead of having to delete their email account, or keep it active and occasionally checking it).  And those dreaded massive copy conversations are a thing of the past.  They just get re-assigned back and forth between team members as they contribute.  The person that needs to contribute only gets notified when they need to contribute, and not every time someone sends a reply.

And of course, once you’ve resolved an issue, you can close the ticket out!  Everything you do in the system is tracked, with different statuses.  So if you do ever get curious how many billing inquiries you get a month, you’ll know.  If you ever want to know how long it takes issues to get resolved, you’ll know.  If you want to know how responsive your team members are, you’ll know.  If you ever need to check out an interaction with a member or prospect, all you’ll have to do is read through the ticket!

Want things to be even more efficient?

You can create email aliases to your primary email account, and then setup rules in your help-desk software to auto-assign based on the email address that was used.  This is GREAT for forms you may create that have email notifications, or your billing software.

As you grow and you find your time more valuable, you’ll want to start looking at ways to make your communication more efficient.  This solution can offer you quite a bit of efficiency without losing control of your corporate communication or letting things fall through the cracks.


Help Desk Software Recommendations

Keep in mind that this type of software will usually cost you per person using it.  So you want to make sure that the team members you setup with access actually have a value to being in the system.  If they aren’t making you money or saving you money, they don’t get access.