Marketing Tip #003 – Post a Weekly “Featured Athlete” to Meet the Members

CrossFit Website Design & Marketing Tips

When I was first thinking about this, I actually had it as a monthly “Featured Athlete” because that’s what I’ve seen so much of.  As I thought about it more, I realized that monthly just didn’t cut it.  Changing it to weekly added 40 more opportunities for your membership to engage and grow.  The idea behind this is to foster community, by giving your members additional ways to learn about each other.  Sometimes we get stuck in our little social groups, or our work/home life get really busy, or we just don’t feel like we belong.  Featuring athletes in your community will help bring awareness that each of your members are unique individuals that have something they can offer the community at large.  Who knows, you could be helping introduce someones swolemate.

How can you possibly maintain this when you’re already so busy?

You know that’s exactly what you were thinking, right?  Well, as with anything, creating a plan, being organized, and being diligent will pay dividends in your favor.  If you have the ability to delegate, even better!  For those of your needing a little more inspiration and guidance, here’s how I’d go about this:

  1. Create a Google Spreadsheet, and setup your “Featured Athlete” posting calendar.  Include the date you want to have it posted, the person you want to feature, and then a couple status fields – so you know when you’ve got their photo, and a few questions answered
  2. Create a Questionnaire with leading and interesting questions.  The point of this is so your members can learn things about each other that are fun and aren’t things that would normally come up in the box.
  3. Send the questionnaire out to ALL your members.  If everyone answers, then maybe you should update the posting schedule to accommodate!  Imagine having 156 of your members that fill out your questionnaire… you now have the ability to post 3x per week! That’s a LOT of member engagement.
  4. Start taking themed photos.  This is a “Featured Athlete”…  if you decide up front that you only want to use headshots (I wouldn’t!), then be consistent and get the same style photo for every athlete you photograph.  Personally, I think a fun gym pose always makes things interesting and adds to the creativity of the member.
  5. As you receive questionnaires and take photos, put them on the schedule.  Store the photos in a consistent place, name them appropriately, and edit the questionnaire results for grammar and readability.
  6. Schedule the posts! If you’re using WordPress, you can schedule a post to show in the future, and you can setup your site to auto-post to your social media profiles as well (except Instagram… why Instagram, why?!?)

Now you’re ready to roll!  Go out there, have fun, and start introducing your members to your members.