Increase Gym Revenue by (at least) $11k This Year

What if I told you I knew how to increase your gym revenue by over $11k this year, and that next year it would turn into an extra $21k? (that’s a total of $32k)

You’d either call me a liar, or you’d HIRE US ON THE SPOT… am I right?

If you’re cynical, I understand… it’s a tough pill to swallow. This information just may not be for you right now. But if you’re curious, read on, as I think you’ll find a lot of truth in what I’m about to say.

First Impressions Matter

Your website is more than just a place to show your workout.  Your website is your FIRST IMPRESSION to many of your prospects that don’t know you. It’s essentially your digital employee. Now, imagine that you had to hire someone to “be your website”. They are now responsible for greeting people, letting them know what’s going on at the gym, getting prospective client information, selling memberships, scheduling intros, letting people know where you’re located, and giving people a phone number or email address that may have additional questions.  Now, imagine that this person (being your website), shows up poorly dressed, out of shape, hasn’t slept in 2 days, doesn’t ask anyone for information, doesn’t know how to sell anything, doesn’t schedule anything, and doesn’t even know your email address.

Surely, you wouldn’t hire this person… not even if they were free!

Yet, for many affiliates, that’s who they’ve hired to be their website!  I see it every day, affiliates who don’t apply the same reasoning to their website. They believe that they are the first impression… and since they don’t get a lot of clients from their website (or at all), they think that the website doesn’t matter.

Website Design Matters

We live in a society where design matters… those of you that own Apple products, or Reebok Nanos, drink Starbucks coffee or buy Rogue Equipment know exactly what I mean. But don’t get me twisted, a good design doesn’t mean quality… it just eludes to it. You still have to provide a quality product! But that’s not where we come in… we want to help impress people that are looking for your services.  We want to help engage them via design. We want to make signing up for your service easy.

Design has the ability to inspire, engage, and direct people to your intended outcome. Apple used design to direct original iPod users to the center button. It was intuitive, because it was the only real option! Websites work in a similar manner. You have to use design to direct people on how to use it according to the outcome you want. If you want people to join your gym, the website design HAS to make that process clear and intuitive.

You have 3 seconds…

You’re most likely not the only gym in your area… There are other affiliates, other gyms, and the couch that you’re fighting for business with. And the couch is a free option!  Your visitors on average take about 3 seconds to find what they’re looking for. If you aren’t clearly telling them how to do what they want to do, they WILL go elsewhere. (the entire ecommerce industry is built off this principle… and it applies to your gym whether you like it or not)

Just 1 More Member Per Month

THAT’S ALL IT TAKES!  If your website can help you convert just 1 more member every month,  that’s an extra $11k over the next 12 months, and $32k over the next 24 months. The proper call-to-action alone could help you attract 1 more member. But let’s not discount how much looking legitimate (a professional looking design), easy access to your contact info (you do want them to contact you), and best practice in layout will affect the buying decision of your prospective customer!

Not a shabby investment, right?

Yes, it’s an investment! It’s not an expense. Don’t believe me? Ask a successful affiliate how important their website is!  And for fun, find a gym that doesn’t look successful and ask how important their website is. Do you think the correlation is coincidental? Or have you been thinking that their success has allowed them to have a great website?

“I can’t afford a nice website yet”

This is one of the most common reasons we hear, and it’s an excuse. You can’t afford to NOT have a great website! This is a business, right? Your growth will be limited by the amount of incoming leads you can receive. We can help increase those leads, AND make it easier for you to convert them to paying members.

In closing…

We don’t create affordable websites, we create profitable websites.

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