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CrossFit Bingo - Powered by Awesome - CrossFit Website Design

We chose to work with Powered By Awesome for a couple of reasons. First off were the many examples of work that were available to browse on their website. It was great to see what kind of work was to be had. Also was seeing sites that friends in the industry had designed with Powered By Awesome. Personal recommendation was great!

From the start to the finish I always knew which jobs I needed to work on. I could not really see how my content would be used until I saw the first draft of the site come over. It was then I knew how much responsibility I would have if it were to be a good reflection of our gym and it’s culture. No one can write it for you if you want personalization. I also struggled so much to get good photos for the site due to winter, being indoors and our lighting/camera limitations. After much struggle is was worth it to stick with it as I was asked for more and better shots. Everything was done in a timely fashion as I got my parts done. The cost was another reason. Very reasonable for the work that we got! Kyle made the whole thing seem easy!

I LOVE our new website, I am hopeful that it will help us to reach our community in a better and more interactive way!